Set your price and pay for participation
Set a price that will motivate you to complete the entire course.

We recommend that you set it at 5% of your monthly income. For example:
Salary 7000 USD – pay 350 USD.
Salary 4000 USD – pay 200 USD.
Salary 500 USD – pay
25 USD.

If you pay up to 30 USD or more, you can keep access to the course after 60 days

If you are experiencing financial difficulties - pay any amount or ask for free participation by emailing us to

The cost of such courses is from 200 to 1000 USD.
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What's included and how much
do such courses cost?
Course duration - 60 days.

Format: personal account with assignments + materials + video + tracker habits + support + communication with participants in the comments section.

6 modules: asanas + meditation + yoga dance kaoshiki + yoga habits + diet + philosophy of yoga.

Such courses usually cost from 200 to 1000 USD.
Why do we let you set your own price?
We don't build a long sales funnel that one or a few percent of the wealthiest people reach the end of. We don't hold a series of free webinars, at the end of which we sell expensive courses.

Not everyone can decide to spend a quarter or even half their salary on a course, even if it's worth it. We give everyone the opportunity to get better, regardless of income.

That's why since the start in 2018, HYLS participants set the price for a course themselves. We haven't seen anyone using this system on a mass scale before us.
What's the catch? Can I trust HYLS?
You can search for reviews about HYLS on Internet.

You can ask questions from media people and projects with whom HYLS cooperates: Maxim Dorofeev (the author of books "Jedi Techniques" and "The Way of the Jedi"), Arseniy Kim (the author with Youtube channel Neofit - 400k subscribers) and Meditation Lessons project (Youtube channel - 500k subscribers).

You can explore our social media accounts: Instagram (50k), Youtube (60k), and Facebook.

HYLS does not have access to your bank card data.
How to set a price?
Let your price be not an excuse to quit but an incentive to finish the whole course, have fun in the process, and become a better person!

1. If you are experiencing financial difficulties - pay up to 20 USD or ask free participation.

2. If you think you have an average income (whatever that means to you) - you can allocate 5% of your monthly earnings - this will be a good motivation.

3. If you think you earn more than average, be generous and become a sponsor. Thanks to you, thousands of other participants will benefit from HYLS. Our project is viable because of your support. The most generous contribution was 500 USD.
"Pay what you want" model is an opportunity to motivate yourself consciously. You pay an amount not by force but with the intention to get the results.

There are altruists among participants. For them, HYLS is an opportunity to be generous and contribute to the society.
HYLS courses have been available using "pay what you want" model since 2018. 80,000 participants have been supporting our payment format.

After payment, you will receive access to course materials and a personal practice diary for 60 days.

If you complete tasks of the course, in 2 months, you will feel much healthier and more energetic and will truly learn what it is like to be a yogi.
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