To get access, pay what you can for participation
Choose your own participation fee. If you don't know what would be an
appropriate payment, you can use the amounts paid by previous participants as a reference:

  • $30-50 – this amount helps our project develop
  • $70-80 – many thanks from our team for generous support.
  • $450 – the sum granted by the most generous participant Roman

  • You are free to select both the bigger and smaller sum, any sum!
  • Advantage of the course is 10 times more than the donation sums :)
  • Bonuses for those who pay generously – below on the page.
We thank all participants for their support. To encourage you, we developed the
following reward system:

In addition to full access to the course, you will receive one of bonuses for each $20 at choice:

  • access to the general chat of participants with support of the curator

  • an opportunity to use materials and the personal diary with activities after termination of the course

  • participation in video classes on yoga with the curator throughout the course (four specially recorded asana classes)

Example: Having paid $40, you receive 2 any bonuses at choice.

After payment you will be able to activate bonuses in a personal account.
Yoga nidra is a practice of maximum relaxation. You listen to the recording and follow the narrator's voice. "Nidra" mean "sleep" in Sanskrit. Yoga-nidra is the border state between waking and falling asleep.

Yoga-nidra benefits:

  1. Improves sleep quality – you will sleep less and feel more rested.
  2. Improves general learning abilities and improves memory by freeing the mental resource.
  3. Increases stress resistance, i.e. during yoga-nidra session you replenish a previously depleted resource for stress processing.
  4. Develops artistic potential. By practising yoga-nidra you wil gradually get rid of internal blockages, but will every time get in touch with the source of Creative force.
  5. Increases ability to visualise.
Complete instructions will be sent along with the recordings.
Вы сможете на протяжении всего марафона обращаться за помощью к опытному куратору и получать грамотные ответы на любые свои вопросы по практикам марафона и здоровому йоговскому образу жизни!
Payment is possible from any country!

You will be redirected to the page of payment service provider. After payment we will contact you during the day
If for some reason cannot pay with a card, you can use Paypal. After paying, be sure to send us a confirmation page screenshot by email mail@hyls.me
Не откладывай на завтра то, что можно практиковать уже сегодня!
После оплаты вы получите стартовое видео по технике медитации - начните уже сейчас личную практику для более эффективного прохождения марафона!