Kaoshiki Academy
Discover within yourself a source
of health, energy and beauty,
in 10 minutes a day!
Change your life by dancing
  • 21-day online marathon of the Kaoshiki dance
  • Participate right from home and practice anytime
  • A complete guide to learning the dance from Kaoshiki Academy HYLS
  • Private profile with a practice log, instructor support, and prizes for active participation!

Register for the marathon and get a bonus: check-list of 10 most useful healthy habits, for free!
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June 13th
New course starts
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Kaoshiki enriches your life!
Thousands of women practice this rhythmic yogic dance
It's an ideal way to start your day
It helps to invigorate your morning, warms up the body, and gets you ready for a productive day, whatever challenges lie ahead.
It makes your figure slim, and your body fit
It makes the spine more flexible and tones up many muscle groups – exactly what's needed before the summer!
It improves the mind and awakens creativity
It has a beneficial effect on the mind and helps to discover the hidden potential and to start using it.
It improves your connection to your body and stabilizes your emotional background.
It removes apathy and laziness, and also helps to reach a harmonious emotional state. Now new goals will be more achievable!
Kaoshiki Academy HYLS Instructor
Sofia Kolchanova
I teach kaoshiki for over 5 years now, and my YouTube videos have over half a million views.

With me you will master all the nuances of the dance, guaranteed. You will be able to do kaoshiki regularly, deriving benefit and pleasure from it!

During the marathon new tracks and practice videos await you, and also prizes for active participation!

Let's make positive changes in life, together. Time to start is now!
You definitely need this marathon if...
You lack a creative fire within for something new and truly interesting
You lack a creative fire within for something new and truly interesting
You constantly feel down, apathetic, and get tired quickly
You have a hard time starting your day properly and enjoying the flow
What's ahead?
We did everything so that you get real benefits out of this marathon!
Step 1. Pay-what-you-can!
That's right, you decide what the participation fee is. We only suggest that the amount you choose to pay motivates you to reach the finish line and to practice regularly!
Step 2. Collective on-line chat with the instructor and complete guidance on kaoshiki!
With us, you won't make common beginners' mistakes, and will make your dance as useful as possible.
Step 3. Practice
That's the most interesting part of our marathon! From this very moment, kaoshiki starts to work at full capacity – you practice the dance and feel all the benefits of this yogic practice for yourself.
Step 4. Results
There's nothing better than to feel the energy and inspiration for life!

After you start practising, you unwittingly begin to understand why thousands of women practice kaoshiki :)
May be it's time to start a blog...
There is life
Only with us you will get:
Complete guidance on kaoshiki
Useful and enjoyable prizes
We like to encourage active participation!
New treks and practice videos
With them, your practice will become even more interesting and enjoyable :)
Inspiration for changes
You are not alone, and you will always be able to feel it: you will always have an on-line chat with like-minded people, personal practice diary, and the marathon instructors' support!
Analysis of various mistakes in kaoshiki
We prepared materials that will be useful to everyone, regardless of fitness level and familiarity with the dance.
June 13
Pay as much or as little as you feel
New group start
Что такое свободная оплата
В свободную стоимость входит:

- доступ ко всем материалам марафона — теории и практике;
- онлайн дневник;
- общий чат с интруктором марафона

А при оплате от 1000 рублей вы получаете от нас приятный бонус: возможность пользоваться материалами марафона после окончания курса
Don't delay your best decisions!
Change your life by dancing!
Register for the marathon and get a bonus: check-list of 10 most useful healthy habits, for free!
I don't have the time for this marathon
You can choose the most convenient time for practice during the entire day. You'll need no more than 20 minutes a day! Do you really have no time for your health and personal development? Think again. This is an effective time investment in yourself!

I have no money
In a modern society people have different financial abilities, but everybody needs to grow and develop. Money must not limit people in self-development, in improving their health. That is why we offer an opportunity to participate in the marathon to everyone – if you're in a financial difficulty, just ask and we'll offer a way to make it work. You will have an opportunity to support our project monetarily later, and only if you would want to.
What if I already know everything and won't get anything useful out of it?
If you already know and practice everything, then, besides new connections, you will get new treks and practice videos, and also sweet prizes for active participation! This alone would give you a breath of inspiration and motivation to dance kaoshiki!
I'll be away and without Internet access during the marathon, what should I do?
  • You can ask the chat curator in advance and she will give you access to materials for the time you'll be away.
  • You can also fill in your statistics in your personal diary once you get back.
  • If you would not be able to do some of the practices on the road, you can always practice them later. It's even OK to miss them, as long as you continue with the program once you return home.
I'm a complete newbie in all of this
  • Excellent, this marathon fits you perfectly.
  • You don't even need to know what "kaoshiki dance" is. We'll explain everything from the very basics. We even have a special video for this!
  • In the on-line chat groups, everybody will mingle: experienced practitioners and new people like yourself.
  • We are all learning and yearn to develop and grow, and the first step must be made at some point.
  • You have the right to ask the "dumbest" questions of the curator privately, or publicly in the chat. Our goal is to help you and inspire you. We asked these same questions ourselves when we were starting out.
Are you already in?
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