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The special feature of HYLS is a unique payment format - "pay what you want"!

Participants determine the cost of the courses themselves - everyone pays according to their abilities and desire to motivate themselves.

This allows you to attract not 50, 100, or 800 students, as usual. Your knowledge will benefit thousands or tens of thousands of people.
Examples of HYLS courses:
50000+ of participants
Healthy Yoga Lifestyle
20000+ of participants
Jedi Productivity Techniques
10000+ of participants
Evolution of the body and active work on it
For instructors, it's a passive income comparable to the standard sales model.

+ It gives a wider and more loyal audience who admire our donation-based payment format.
The benefits of posting courses on HYLS:
The ability to spread your knowledge to a wide audience. The "pay what you want" payment format allows tens of thousands of people to take the course.
Passive income. The expert invests his/her efforts only at the stage of creation of the course. We do all support by ourselves.
Growth of the expert audience due to our audience and active promotion. Now, we have about 250 000+ subscribers and 80,000+ active participants.
The audience is loyal to the "pay what you want" payment format. No hidden fees.
The cross-platform app has a pleasant-to-use mobile diary and habit tracker for practices.
A transparent reporting system for the expert. We generate financial reports and statistics on course participatiion .
We can also provide resourcse and team to create a course from scratch, or repackage an existing course.
Our mission: to lead as many people as possible from theory to practice.

We create quality online courses and make them available to all through "pay what you want" payment format.
We don't build a long sales funnel that one or a few percent of the wealthiest people reach the end of. We don't hold a series of free webinars at the end of which we sell expensive courses.

We give all students, regardless of income, the opportunity to get better and gain knowledge via the "pay what you want" model.

We give instructors the opportunity to earn on their knowledge honestly, without the long game of audience warming and complicated sales funnels sucking out all the energy.

Are you with us?
no limit on the number of students

"Pay what you want" model allows you to attract the maximum audience
no restrictions on course length

A comfortable, practice-oriented platform promotes new skills for students
no limit on profits from the course

The knowledge will benefit people, and you will get a passive income
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Course participant's online account
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