Embark On A 60 Day Yoga & Wellness Course
Total Body & Mind Transformation
Pay what you can!
Pay what you think is fair
New course starts November 20
Participants will learn (practice):
Learn ancient and modern technics to enchance meditation
Basic and Effective poses
Yoga Diet (Nutrition)
Learn nutrition longevity rules and healthy recepies
Principles of Yoga
Jama and Niama
Light, Middle and Advanced version
Yoga Dance that gives beauty, health, youth, joy, productivity!
Water balance
track your daily water intake for better health
Natural healing practices
Learn at home practises that heal body
Attend the course and change your life for the better

New course starts November 20
Attend the course!
If you have questions, ask them in the "Questions or comments" field.
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What if there isn't enough free time?
You can choose the most convenient time for practicing during the day.

The first 2 weeks, on average, you will need only 30-50 minutes per day to do all the practices; gradually this time will increase. Later, partaking our course will take you about 50-75 minutes a day. In comparison: Russians spend 143 minutes a day in the social networks (data from 2015, now more).

During the course, you will be able to improve your sleep habits and free some time in the morning.

So ask yourself: do you really have no time for your health and development? :) Think twice. This is an effective time-investment!

If you already do exercises, meditation or asanas, then you will need less extra time.

Even if you usually perform half of the suggested techniques, your life will most likely change in a very positive direction.
What if you don't have enough money
In modern society, everyone has different financial capabilities, but all of us need to progress; money should not limit people in self-development, in improving their health. Therefore, we give everyone the opportunity to participate in our online-course - if you have financial difficulties, contact us and we will provide the opportunity to participate on preferential terms

You will have the opportunity to support our project financially later if you want to.
What if I know all this stuff very well and won't get benefitted from the program?
We hope you have already studied the detailed program of the course, to be sure that you really know everything.

If you know and practice everything, then, probably, you will not get anything but new acquaintances and additional motivation to practice

If you know everything but do not practice it, you will get a huge benefit by turning theory into practice. Practicing in a group and sharing your experience with others is much more interesting than trying to force yourself to do something on your own.
I'm afraid of diet/fasting/detox, or I don't want to be vegetarian
Well, except food, we have more than 10 health practices. Even if you do not change your previous diet (it is not necessary to change it), you will benefit from other components of healthy lifestyle.

One of our main principles is that the participant should do the practice only with a positive attitude. Therefore, we will not force you to do something against your will. If this inspiration to practice does not appear during the marathon, at least you will not suffer doing what you do not want to do.

There are 4 options for the detox, ranging from the usual useful plant based yoga diet, ending with detox on juices and vegetable broths. At any time you can stop your detox.

The detox program runs very smoothly, consistently and does not begin immediately. You will have enough time to prepare your body and mind for cleansing.

Why do we offer detox? According to yoga-naturopathy, most chronic diseases are associated with the presence of toxins in the body as a result of a certain lifestyle. Improper diet, sleep, lack of physical labor, stress contribute to the fact that the body eventually ceases the elimination of toxins in natural ways, and accumulates them in certain parts of the body, then the disease occurs. Detox, as well as the education of good habits, helps body to get rid of toxins, the body starts to work properly.
During the program I will be away, with poor internet connection, what to do?
You can request from the curator access to the materials in advance

You can fill in statistics on the practices made (your personal diary) later on arrival.

If on a trip you fail to do some of the practices, you can do them later. Or just skip, and continue later.
I'm completely new to this, will I be able to understand everything?
Great, the course is right for you!

You do not even need to know such words as yoga, meditation, detox, asanas. We will explain in details all the practices, starting from the very beginning.

Both experienced people and newcomers like you will meet in the groups. Everyone starts somewhere, we also always study and develop ourselves and our project.

You have the right to ask all the "stupid" questions personally to the curator or in the chat, our goal is to help and inspire every student and participant. Once we also asked same questions.
I am already a super-yogi, I practice everything. Will I benefit from the course?
Congratulations! Join us to inspire others.

From our experience. When we came to study yoga naturopathy in the Philippines, we were sure that we were super yogis who knew everything and practiced and led a healthy lifestyle. But every day we realized that indeed we knew nothing.

We hope you have already acquaintanced with the details of our program and all the practices that we are going to study and implement in life.
I don't believe in meditation and spirituality
To participate in our online course, you don't really have to believe in yoga.

You can be an atheist or you can have any other beliefs — it does not matter. The course has no purpose to convince you in something. These are only practical things, which can really contribute in improving of psychic and physical health. Just try, and then decide whether it is useful or not.

You can abandon the practice that you do not like. The course program includes more than 10 useful practices, not only mental, but also just physical ones. You will benefit them a lot, too.

The benefits of meditation have been scientifically proven by hundreds of studies. You can easily find information on the Internet.
I have good health. Will I benefit from the course?
If you keep a healthy lifestyle, you are in a good mood, If you do enough physical activities, you eat healthy food, you sleep enough and drink enough water, you feel like a healthy person - this is great and very rare today! You are on Light side of the Force :) If you are not familiar with yoga practices, asanas, meditation, then certainly our course will be useful to you.

If you just feel good, you do not have any health problems, but you still do not lead a healthy lifestyle, then we highly recommend you to partake our online program. In this case you will learn how to maintain good health for many years, as well as be able to help your family or friends if they ever need it.

Short test to identify that you need to eliminate toxins:
Please ask yourself following questions:
1) Is 7-8 hours of night sleep enough for you?
2) Do you feel tired during the day or in the evening?
3) Do you have any gas problems?
4) Do you have any skin issues?
5) Do you have bad breath?
6) Do you always/everyday have your stool in the morning?
7) Do you suffer from headaches?
8) Do you have a cold more often than once in a year?
9) If you caught a cold, are you able to recover within 3 days?

If you answered yes for 2, 3, 4, 5, 7,or 9, or no for 1, 6 or 8 – than you will benefit from detox program.