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Most people watch free webinars but can't afford to buy full-course programs. They learn the theory but don't move on to practice and achieve results.

Imagine if anyone, regardless of income, could access courses with practice, support, and community.

HYLS makes this possible with "pay what you want" model that allows participants to set their own price for practical and results-oriented courses.

Instructors of online schools are welcome to post courses on HYLS

1. More people will be eager to dive into practice. If you use a standard online school funnel, you run into the risk of severely narrowing audience for a course. By using "pay what you want" model on HYLS, you can get access to thousands of people ready to join.

2. Enthusiastic audience reacts to "pay what you want" model quite well. People will appreciate your care and desire to make your knowledge and expertise available to all. This will give you a positive reputation.

3. Get new audience through HYLS advertising. Our family of subscribers in social networks and email consists of 200,000+ people. Option: we can target your audiences too.
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Pricing in reverse

We don't build a long sales funnel that one or a few percent of the wealthiest people reach the end of. We don't hold a series of free webinars, at the end of which sell expensive courses.

Not everyone can decide to spend a quarter or even half their salary on a course, even if it's worth it. We give everyone the opportunity to improve their lives, regardless of income.
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That's why, from the very beginning in 2018, HYLS participants have been setting the price for a course themselves. We haven't seen anyone using this system on a big scale before us.

Our strength is the large number of participants. Some of them pay a little, and some of them support our team generously - according to their wishes and aptitudes.
3 000 students

Project started
The first trial of "pay what you want" model
21 000 students

Learned how to scale advertising and attract new members
75 000 students

Launched new courses: "Jedi techniques" with Maxim Dorofeev & "Body Evolution" with Arseniy Kim

How are HYLS online courses structured and why are they effective?

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Practice. Even if you can find a huge amount of useful information in books, Youtube, or other websites - your lifetime won't be enough to learn it all.
Rarely can people apply what they've learned. Most information is forgotten and hence doesn't really improve life in any way.

By taking HYLS courses, you complete practical assignments - so theory turns into practice and habits. A personal online account can help you to develop and consolidate the habits.

The most important thing. All course information is structured in blocks, so you don't have to search for anything and collect information by bits. The best is already in the material, which can be studied in a few minutes.

Together. It's harder to make an effort alone. But dozens and hundreds of participants go through the course with you and change their lives for better, which is very encouraging. You can communicate with fellow participants in chats or in the comments section of a course.
For you. HYLS courses are comfortable because they allow you to move at your own pace. You can participate in a course every day or take a rest for a day or two. You can adjust the frequency and intensity of practices in your personal account to adapt the course to your lifestyle.

Support. HYLS mentors answer questions, help you cope with difficulties, and support you on your way to become a better version of yourself.
Путешествия с Мистическим Мастером